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PubSpace From NASA – For Space Fanatics

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Are you a space fanatic? If you would do anything just to get a glimpse of anything space related, then there is some god news for you. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), through PubSpace, will make your dream on space data come true sooner than you expect. The general public is currently able to access NASAs research database free of charge!

You might be wondering if everything on NASAs research databases will be available to the public. The answer is no. NASA clearly understands the critical nature of issues regarding regulations of personal privacy as well as national security matters. Regarding such, research databases on the same will not be available to the members of the public. Apart from national security and personal privacy related issues, all other research databases that are funded by NASA will be freely available to the general public to view and download at any time.

NASA has always been responsible for the civilian space programs and also aeronautics and aerospace research issues. Therefore, the majority of the information that the general public will have access to will be mostly science related. For science lovers and science scholars and wannabes, the free NASA`s research databases are probably the greatest resource you will ever have access to for free. Such useful materials are not readily available even on the internet. Additionally, the free data is available in complete text files thus easy to read.

However, just like most other useful resources, the full-text documents will still be under copyright law. Therefore, you can only read the documents and use the same for purposes of education, but you cannot own them. Fabricating the author’s name and making it your own is thus illegal and doing the same has legal consequences. You can access PubSpace for free online and discover a new thing or two.

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