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What will we see at MWC next month? 6.6?

Microsoft’s Mobile World Congress is just about four weeks away now, & WMPowerUser is heavily speculating (along with many others) that Windows Mobile 7 will be announced at the annual conference.  That’s announced, mind you; I don’t see any devices showing up with it on board until Q4.  Though WMPU has quite a compelling list of reasons, DigiTimes (which is known for being accurate on these sorts of things) is saying that it won’t be the new version 7 that will be trotted out, but yet another interim release, version 6.6.

Seeing as how we’ve just seen 6.5.3, plus its threaded email glory, hit the interwebz, & that DigiTimes says that 6.6 will be the same ol’ plus capacitive touch screen support, I can definitely see this line of thought playing out.  The disheartening bit in the DigiTimes piece is that WM7 may be sloughed off till 2011… but would anyone really be surprised about that at this point?

Guess we’ll see in four weeks….

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AT&T Tilt 2 and Pure

AT&T Tilt 2 and AT&T Pure

The AT&T Tilt 2 (aka HTC TouchPro 2) and Pure (aka HTC Diamond 2) should be showing up at AT&T very soon.  Both phones will feature the new Windows Mobile 6.5 and an enhanced version of TouchFLO.  The Touch 2 should carry a price of about $300 after rebates and a 2 year contract and the Pure should run about half that, $150, after rebates and 2 year contract.

The original Tilt and it’s older siblings have been my choice for WinMo phones for the past 5+ years, until I picked up a 3G iPhone, so I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the Tilt 2 in the very near future — perhaps it’ll sway me back over to the WinMo side of the fence.

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EngadgetMobile’s got a shot up of the HTC Touch Pro 2 complete with AT&T branding.  This photo follows news that AT&T will be releasing the device as the “Tilt 2,” following the HTC Kaiser’s branding.  The Tilt 2 is listed as “pre-launch,” which means that we could be seeing it soon… or not.  Also no official word on a 3.5mm jack yet.  Hopefully we’ll get some more photos between now & launch.  The photo confirms that the Tilt 2 will hit with WM6.5 (note the lock screen).

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Speaking of WM6.5, PocketNow has posted a new video that details some very cool features of Microsoft’s latest build:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH7IuD2aD_4[/youtube]

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Samsung’s Omnia 2 looks ready for AT&T & Rogers with details that the unit has just cleared the FCC with the appropriate bands.  Hit the link for a detailed walk-through of the UI that Samsung slapped on top of WinMo for their latest drool-worthy smartphone.

Speaking of UI’s on top of WinMo, it was only a matter of time before the XDA chefs cooked up some Sense lovin’ for WinMo, & it seems that time has already come.  Very blurry video plus download links if you follow the link.

Samsung Omnia II Photos/Specs

samsung_omnia_ii_hand_frontThe Unwired has a ton of photos of Samsung’s newest Windows Mobile-based smartphone, along with the official specifications.