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Google started testing a new look for Google Search … Perhaps a sign that everything Google will soon look like Wave?

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I hope this “upgrade” in styling becomes a Google-wide phenomenon — although I guess I’m still left wanting.  Google has had a tendency to stick with minimalism in their design, but I’ve also found their products to feel a little too utilitarian – cold and functional but missing the form.  I’m not saying that Google’s design is ugly … well, yes I am.

If you’d like to check out this new look for yourself, you can enable the wave style look and feel by adding a cookie to your browser.  Just head over to google.com and paste the following JavaScript in your browsers address bar:

javascript:void(document.cookie=”PREF=ID=20b6e4c2f44943bb:U=4bf292d46faad806:TM=1249677602:LM=1257919388:S=odm0Ys-53ZueXfZG;path=/; domain=.google.com”);

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Google Dashboard

Yesterday, Google announced Dashboard, a one stop information center that helps you keep track of all the Google products attached to your Google account.  Although it doesn’t seem like a really big deal, it really does a great job of centralizing the management of 20 Google products that you might have even forgotten you’ve signed up for.

They’ve included this snazzy little video to tell you all about it.


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I love a good apocalypse movie, and 2012 is hyped up to be a great one.  I just hope it lives up to the hype of advertisements like this one.


Sadly — I doubt an ad like this one would fly in the States.

Broadband Access to be a Legal Right in Finland

The government that had already decided to make a 100mbit connection a legal right by 2015 took an intermediary step and passed a law that gives every Finnish citizen the the right to 1mbit broadband access by next July.  This is really great news for me since I’ve been looking for a new country.

Finnland 1mbit Internet Access A Legal Right

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Foxconn to manufacture rumored Apple Tablet…

Reports coming in are pointing at Foxconn as the manufacturer the rumored Apple Table.

MacBook Touch

A Digitimes insider reports:

…the tablet PC features will focus more on e-book functionality rather than music, and that based on Apple’s marketing strategy, long battery life, quick Internet connectivity and an easy-to-use user interface will be key features of the device

Surprisingly, initial shipments, due early 1st Q 2010,  are only in the 300,000 to 400,000 unit range.

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What is a web browser?

You’d think that the majority of people that use a computer and a web browser know what a web browser is… Guess not.

“Some folks at Google” decided to create a little website to help those that can’t tell the difference between a PC, a browser and a web site.

What is a web browser?

Wonder if some folks at Microsoft could come up with one of these to help my parents understand the difference between Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office…  That would be sweet.

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Wii 4.2 System Update Breaks Homebrews

Wii 4.2 Update - Killing the homebrew channel

Nintendo has release system update version 4.2 for the Wii and it seems it’s purpose is to do nothing more than cripple homebrewed systems.  The update will remove the homebrew channel, as well as the most important couple of cIOS’ most homebrewed Wiis might have installed.  The guys over at WiiHacks are already talking about some quick fixes for those that accidentally upgraded their already hacked systems to 4.2, but buyers of new systems with the 4.2 update already installed may have to wait a short while before hacking up their new toy.

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Pirate Bay, Shutdown… for about 3 hours.

Swedish authorities order bandwidth suppliers to turn the lights out on The Pirate Bay or face a $70,000 fine.  Switch flipped.  DNS changed and, like a cockroach after a nuclear strike, The Pirate Bay continues doing what it does.

The pirate bay shirt to Sweedish authoritiesAccording to TorrentFreek.com, Rick Falkvinge, leader of The Pirate Party said: “This is absolutely ridiculous. The Court seems to consider themselves above the Constitution,” while criticizing the effect that these civil actions are having on freedom of speech. “This clarifies how copyright law has become untenable, and how information is lacking political skills in the judiciary,”

And so the game continues…

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