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TAKTIK iPhone Case

taktik iPhone 4 protective case

If you are looking for a protective case for your precious iPhone that can provide protection from impact, fall, dust, moisture and yet all its features; ports, buttons, peripherals, cameras are conveniently accessible, look no more. Kickstarter has the exact solution that you are looking for.

An adhered compression seal liner protects it from water from either rain or spills, seeping into the case. An open, unobstructed camera pass through maintains brilliant photo and flash quality. A sealed GORILLA Glass protective lens on the front bezel includes anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings. The headset port and 30-pin connector are protected with resilient gasket plugs ensuring better sealing and durability. Read More →

Incase Box Case for iPhone

Box Case of iPhone 4

Keep your phone stylish and safe with these finds that walk the line.  There are countless shades, styles and builds available, from thin and sticker-like to insulated and rugged.  The toughest challenge is finding a case that offers more than just cursory scratch protection, without looking like your iPhone is wearing life jacket.

The Box Case from Incase comes in a in a translucent rubber that gives your iPhone the effect of being suspended – like Han Solo in carbonite.  The other options, including a stark white and on-trend coral-pink hue, accent the sharp edges, a design not usually seen in iPhone cases, which lend to mimic the gentle curves of the phone itself.  The sharp corners also mean extra padding in those areas, which will come in handy in case of a drop. The box case is available for $29.95.

Buy It:  29.95

Mophie’s Juice Pack Air iPhone Charger

Post image for Mophie’s Juice Pack Air iPhone Charger

For every kind of iPhone user, there is an iPhone case, but it is not every day you see one that can charge your phone for you.  Mophie’s Juice Pack Air crams a reserve rechargeable battery into a sleek, protective case.  Available in red, black or silver from the Apple store for $79.95.


iCamera Case For iPhone

i camera case for the iphone

At Geek Extreme, we’ve posted about quite a few iPhone cases that give the iPhone a new look and some even give it extra functions.  We’ve seen covers that make the phones look like cameras (not covered on our site) but we’ve never seen anything like the iCamera Case by Hashy.

Not only does the iCamera Case makes the iPhone look exactly like a camera from the 90’s, it also makes the phone bulky and hard to carry in your pocket.  The back of the phone/case actually has a lens and a “film hump” that stick way out.  Of course they don’t add any functions to the phone. Read More →

Gasket Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4 Case

Gasket-Brushed-Aluminum-iPhone-4-CaseIf you’re into cars, you’ll love the iPhone 4 Gasket Brushed Aluminum cases.  The designs for the gasket iPhone 4 cases are inspired by the shape of head gaskets on performance automobiles and they not only protect your phones but also give them a very unique look.

The exterior of the gasket iPhone 4 cases are made out of real brushed aluminum and the inner parts are lined with suede lining providing maximum protection from scratches and minor falls.  The iPhone 4 Gasket Brushed Aluminum cases come in five colors (aluminum silver, vintage gold, modern bronze, titanium gray and jet black) and come with a set of front and back clear screen protective film, a squeegee for film application, and a microfiber cloth. Read More →

The Opena iPhone Case

Opena-iPhone-CaseWe’ve shown you quite a few iPhone cases over the last few weeks, so far all of these cases have had two purposes: to protect your phone and make it look different from everyone else’s’ phones.  The Opena iPhone case now adds a third function to the case; it comes with actual bottle opener.

The Opena iPhone case works like a normal case and helps protect your phone with a hard-shell case but when it’s time for a drink, just slide the back part and you’ve got an opener.  As the video says “if you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have an Opena attached to your iPhone.  And if you don’t have an Opena, then you can’t open beers with your iPhone… Well, if you don’t have an Opena, then you probably don’t have an iPhone either.” Too true… Read More →

Customizable Neostitch iPhone 4 Case

Neostitch-iPhone-CaseRecently we have been posting about quite a few different cases for the iPhone 4 to help you stand apart from the crowd, however, all of those cases were “as is” with no customization options.  The Neostitch iPhone 4 Case on the other hand lets your inner artist out by allowing you to cross-stitch any type of design you wand and ensuring your iPhone case is one of a kind.

The Neostitch iPhone 4 Case is created by Korea based Connect Design and it comes in six different color cases (pink, white, orange, green, blue, and black).  Inside each case there are a few different colors of thread, 2 needles, and a few patterns for inspiration.  The kit can by yours for $18.00 each. Read More →

Old-School Calculator iPhone 4 Case

Old-School-Calculator-iPhone-4-CaseThe Old-School Calculator iPhone 4 case brings back a lot of memories.  I remember I had a calculator just like it, and for you kids that don’t know what I’m talking about, go through some of your parents’ old stuff, you might find one and see how cool those calculators were.

The case looks pretty realistic from the pictures with all the major keys that we needed in the good old days.  The “calculator” display window shows the digits “07734” and of course that turned upside down spells “hello”, which was one of the coolest tricks back in the day. Read More →