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It’s HD5970 day

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AMD’s newest top-of-the-line huge honkin’ dual-GPU beast of a graphics card has been officially released today, & the reviews are hitting the interwebs.  The verdict?  AMD’s made an enthusiast card that enthusiasts will appreciate not only for eye-bleeding speed, but overall build quality as well.  That is… if they can find one to spend their hard-earned money on…  On to the reviews:

It’s Radeon 5870 day

ATi RadeonGet your review on, boys & girls:

Many of thee reviews delve deeply into the architecture end of the “Cypress” GPU, so there are plenty of details for the curious.  As you can see above, there certainly aren’t very many retail cards available to review sites just yet; the Sapphire card being the lone departure from the reference card from a slew of reviews.  The bottom line from the reviews, though, is that the 5870 is the new “king” in town.  We’ll have to see if nVidia can best it when it releases its GT300; supposedly next month (assuming, of course, that it solves the yield issues).

Oh, & you may have to wait a bit  to get your DX11 groove goin’.  Newegg has three cards listed, from Sapphire, HIS, & ASUS for the low-low price of $379; but they’re all listed as “auto-notify,” meaning they’re not currently in stock.  The same goes for ZipZoomFly, who list cards from MSI, Diamond, Gigabyte, & XFX.

Powered by six HD projectors & running at 5500 X 2000 resolution.  Wow.  Via Engadget.

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AMD launches Tigris; more HD5870 details

PrintAMD has launched its next generation mobile computing platform, previously code-named Tigris.  They’re claiming higher performance as well as longer battery life with the new kit, of course.  AMD’s apparently no longer going to be using specific processor badges on Tigris-powered laptops, either.  The Vision branding will initially include three tiers: regular, premium, & ultimate; differentiated by performance.

ATi RadeonMoving on to the high-end graphics realm, AMD’s top-of-the-line DX11 card, the HD5870 has been caught on camera, & sports DVI, DisplayPort & HDMI connectors.  That is one loooooong card right there.  According to Fuad, there will be 1GB & 2GB flavors of this beast that will retail for $399 & $449, respectively.  He also sheds some light on what he’s calling the official specs of the card, which includes a 27W power idle consumption & 1.3GHz GDDR5.

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ATi RadeonAMD’s claiming a win in the mobile GPU market; saying that they’ve got 53% market share with their Radeon discrete chips.  Their HD4000-series chips are a solid basis for any laptop.

The Catalyst 9.8 driver that was leaked earlier this week has also been officially released & brings improved CrossFire performance and OpenGL 3.1 support along with it.

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AMD’s new stock HSF for the Regor core

Popped open an Athlon II X2 250 (3GHz) yesterday & thought this may be interesting to someone else.  Much lighter than any AMD HSF I’ve seen in quite some time.  Note the lack of heat pipes & the much smaller copper-less contact area.  Lower profile, too.


amd_logoTwitterers on point have a chance to pick up a free HP Pavilion dv2zs courtesy of AMD starting next week.  AMD is giving the laptops away as part of the celebration for shipping their 500 millionth processor.  That’s a lot of silicon.  Congrats to the Sunnyvale boys.

In other AMD news, Fuad’s reporting that we can expect the Fusion CPU/GPU combo chip to debut in 2H 2012 at 22nm.

EXTREME.. under-volting?

phenom_ii_810_front_smallThe guys at Fudzilla turn voltage tweaking on its head and show you how to get the most out of your Phenom II at the lowest power consumption.  They drop their Denebs & Hekas down as low as they can go while running Prime95 to make sure everything sticks together.  Looks like they had some decent results, too.