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What is the ‘Dailylit’?

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The Dailylit is an online publisher that delivers ongoing literary classics and short stories that you can pick up in small installments. Rather than having to purchase e-books, users on Daily Lit to get access to sections of a book or installments of a classic book that arrived in their inbox each day. The idea is to give readers the chance to divide a book into smaller and more digestible sections that they can enjoy on their commute and all for free.

The DailyLit is a publisher that’s changing the way the people are reading stories. While so many people quite commonly use e-book readers or even carry their favorite books with them on the subway, this is a way that readers can get access to a series of classic novels for free and on devices like smart phones.

The mobile reading app delivers regular installments of brand new books and you can enjoy reading them just as easily as you would typically check your e-mail. The formatting that’s been done on the website ensures that the email or RSS newsletter that goes out to be heavily stylized and designed in such a way that it’s going to be easy to read on any smartphone device.

The goal of the installments that have been selected for the classic novels online through this publisher, is to have 20 min. intervals. Users can easily read these installments while they’re waiting in line at the grocery store, commuting or even sitting on their computer at home. Most of the books available on Daily lit are available for free and its with the idea of simply improving the number of daily readers online.

Overall this is an excellent program for anybody that regularly reads during their commute. Rather than having to spend an extensive amount of money on ongoing ebooks or even having to visit their local library, it’s possible to get access to the books right in your email inbox for a very quick and interesting read each day.

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