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The Incredible Evolution of Gaming

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Whilst we can all now enjoy a massive range of high quality games via consoles and our mobiles, this hasn’t always been the case. The evolution of gaming has developed at an incredible rate in the past half century, and here’s a quick rundown of the key events.

Gaming Basics

It was with the development of Pong for simple Binatone devices that brought digital gaming into many home environments. Although the 1970s game may have left a little to be desired in terms of graphical prowess, the simple pleasures of one-on-one action left an indelible mark on a new gaming generation.

The invention of arcade games like Space Invaders really ramped up the excitement offered to gamers. Soon entire gaming arcades were popping up in a variety of malls and town centres which broadened the range of games available from racing games to fun shoot-em-ups.

Home Entertainment

Games developers were swift to realise the potential offered by home computing. The market was flooded with new and exciting desktop computers from Amstrad and Amiga that were accompanied by games that could be loaded either by cassette or floppy disk. The increasing complexity seen in games such as Lemmings clearly illustrated the way in which the new technologies allowed a much more immersive gameplay.

But it was with the rise of powerful brands such as Sega and Nintendo that gaming in the home really took off. These companies offered players simple and fun gaming-only devices that importantly included a multiplayer option to encourage the widespread popularity of games such as Mario Kart that still hold a fascination for gamers to this very day.

Online Boom

However, the biggest change to hit gaming occurred with the widespread take-up of the internet in our homes. This afforded gamers the chance to play huge and complex multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft at their own leisure against an entire world of real-life opponents.

The online revolution also led to a much greater variety of games to become available for the broader gaming audience. Traditional casino games such as blackjack and roulette were now available for gamers from sites likes LadyLucks that signalled the rise of a much more convenient and flexible way in which traditional games could be enjoyed.

But gaming looks to be taking its biggest step yet with the emergence of virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift. These amazing headsets provide a completely immersive three-dimensional environment in which players can explore exciting new gaming worlds. And although the technology is yet to become widespread in households, it signifies the exciting new world of virtual reality gaming options.

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