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Loupedeck Photo Editor

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Until the advent of digital technology, photographs were made by exposing light sensitive photographic film and paper, which were processed in liquid chemical solutions in a Dark Room to develop and stabilize the image. It was a long and costly process.

Digital imaging has revolutionized the field of photography. These images are not confined to just cameras but can also be created by non-photographic equipment such as smart phones, computer tomography scanners and radio telescopes. To further enhance the quality of these images, tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Adope Lightroom.have been widely used

Now there is another powerful tool that can give your amateur photographs a serious professional touch in a short time. The device provides photographers and graphic designers an editing tool that will save valuable time compared to traditional mouse and keyboard.

The device’s console is beautifully designed with a unique set of features and intuitive usability and is designed to work with the Adobe Lightroom.

You can reserve one for $229.

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