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How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

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There have been numerous ransom attacks across the world as various organizations have been attacked by malware from all across the world. Much of the work has been if the dire effect in the working of the organizations or the individual’s computers. This sudden increase in attacks has caused much of the rest of the world to rise up in seeking means and ways to protect and to prevent any further attacks. One of the most recent was the WeCry attack which showed some glaring vulnerabilities in the Microsoft system, forcing the company to reconsider its updates releases and find means and ways t counter the attacks. The company had to go against their own policies and quickly salvage a means to keep their customers and users safe and away from the attacks by the four organizations.

For ransomware protection to be at its very peak many of the organizations need to be well prepared and some the outdated policies need to be updated. The quick reaction by the Microsoft team to the initial attacks, caused many to believe that they had been tipped off beforehand about the existence of the weakness and that they had been seeking for means and ways to take care of it.

At the very center of Microsoft‘s Policy is that none of the earlier versions of the Operating system has to receive any modern updates or security patches. A number of these systems have not been on sale for the last ten years yet they are being used by some organizations across the world. Despite the fact that the software company only gives immediate support and maintenance to big clients who are able to pay the magnanimous fee, the number is still quite small and far between. However, for the sake of Ransomware prevention and protection the organization opted to release immediate security patches and updates even for the unsupported operating systems.

At the very core of protecting and treating Ransomware is the initial prevention. Finding ways to prevent even the initial attack is quite important. One will be required to take a number of measures so as to ensure they are well protected from the attacks. These would include: ensure you install all the security update as they are sent. As annoying as the notifications for updates are, it is imperative to ensure that they are installed immediately you receive the notifications so as to avoid any unnecessary difficulties and attacks.

It is also quite key to ensure that a backup for all the important content and folders is well put in an external drive or even cloud storage. This process will ensure that they are well protected from any attacks and that they can be restored if required at any point. Storage has become quite affordable in recent days and the options are quite a number. Next, individuals, as well as organizations, should ensure they have the latest software for ransomware prevention and security protection. Investments ought to be made in this direction to ensure that the software is well set up and always allowed to scan file so as to prevent any attacks.

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