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How I Became a Recovery Software Convert

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I’m a freelance writer and several years ago, the worst thing imaginable happened to me. Right in the middle of working on a huge project, my computer screen went blank. I tried turning it off and back on, but nothing happened. It was completely dead. All of the work I’d done thus far, all of the research I’d spent hours collecting, and all of the files with markups and feedback from my client – it was all gone.

I never imagined my trusty laptop sidekick would leave me without any warning, so it never occurred to me to back up any of my data. In addition to all of the files for my project, I lost all of the photos and music I had stored on the machine.

After that, I got smart. I researched data recovery software to make sure I was totally covered the next time around. With today’s cloud-based options, there’s no need to hook up to or store a clunky external hard drive. Modern data recovery is as simple as creating an account, allowing the app to scan and back up your data, and having easy access to a total data recovery download should disaster strike.

Such is the case with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The download is free and it covers you up to the first 2 GB of data. It took seconds to download. After that, it was incredibly easy to launch the program and scan my computer. EaseUS not only backs up the data from my hard drive; it also backs up files from memory cards, USBs, digital cameras, and other mobile devices.

The process of getting everything back is easy, as well. I say this not because EaseUS says so, but because unfortunately, I experienced it firsthand when a lighting strike fried my previous computer a few weeks ago. I was able to retrieve all of my lost documents, photos, and music without having any prior experience using data recovery software because the app walked me through the entire process one step at a time.

I had been so pleased with the app that I had already upgraded to the Data Recovery Wizard Pro, so all of my data was covered. I easily downloaded it to my new PC and will definitely continue my subscription with EaseUs. Their recent 11.0 update has made scanning and recovery quicker and easier than ever before. Take it from someone who knows – cloud-based recovery software is a great investment that will save you huge amounts of headache and heartache.

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