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3 Ways to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone

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If you use WhatsApp on iPhone and you want to create a backup to transfer it somewhere else, don’t worry. It’s not a time taking process, mind a few things, and you will be fine. Following, we explain three different approaches to do this:

1.  iCloud

You can create a WhatsApp backup with clouds if you want. iCloud is a native feature of the iOS atmosphere; you will have no trouble doing it. Apple only offers 5Gb free space on iCloud. Therefore, it will be enough for text. If you need to store media, then you need to invest some money and buy more space.

The process can vary from one iOS version to another you will have to make sure extra effort to create a backup from iCloud to computer. Yes, you can use a third-party app if you want. But it’s better if you do it with the native iCloud

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings> Chat Backup
  • Tap Backup Now, and schedule WhatsApp to create a backup from time to time
  • To restore your WhatsApp, you have to launch the WhatsApp target device
  • Provide the number for verifications
  • What’s provides an option to restore from the previous backup. Tap on Restore Chat History or Restore Backup Option

Wait for a while as your phone will need time to restore the backup. Just assure it remains connected to the internet for this whole duration

2.  iTunes

If needed, you can also create a backup with iTunes. This is also a native application that isn’t too complicated. You can create a complete backup of your device; this backup will include the WhatsApp Data as well

  • To create the backup, you have to update the iTunes to at least version and connect it with your device
  • From the device section, select your iPhone and go to Summary Tab
  • Under Backup Option, Click on Backup Now, assure you choose this button to back up the data

It starts the backup process and saves WhatsApp data on the local system, though the WhatsApp Data is a part of Backup file, you still need iTunes backup to restore it.

3.  Email

This is hilarious, but you can create a backup for WhatsApp with email. You can email conversation as well as group chats; the decision is yours

It’s not only your phone, but you can also try this approach with Android as well. The only issue is you have to attach the limited media files. This is important because email services cap the maximum size of the attachment

  • Launch WhatsApp on Device and Choose the Chat You want to save
  • Swipe left to see your options, Select More and then Email Chat
  • You will be asked if you want to attach the media or not and tap on the desired option
  • Specify the email ID and send

You can use this approach to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone. Sure, it’s a time taking process, so if you want to save time, you better use a third-party application for it.   If you don’t have time, then use a powerful tool. iSkySoft Toolbox is an iOS Recovery/Help toolkit. It is designed to help iOS users to tackle several issues like recovering lost or formatted data, transferring data to another device, and much. This is a rather one stop solution for all of your issues.

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