Passive Income for The Smart Investor

Investing money can be a great way to make passive income. All of the profit without any work involved, what could be better than that? However in practice it’s not quite as simple, and the reason that it’s not something that everyone is getting rich from is that with any type of investment comes risk. Stock markets can collapse, recessions can happen, companies can go bankrupt meaning their shares go kaputt. However if you’re prepared to take some calculated risk, investing can be a great way to make money without a whole lot of work. Here are some ideas. 

Currency and Commodities

Investing in currency (Forex) is an exciting place to put your money, as well as cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Cardano and Litecoin. Cryptocurrency is incredibly volatile which does increase your risk, however it also increases your chances of reward too and this is just one of the reasons it’s so exciting. Commodities are another excellent place to invest. From natural gas to weapons to electricity and of course oil there are plenty of options. Shale oil is one example, there are lots of shale oil rich nations and its classed as a ‘safe haven’ in trading. This is because it tends to hold its value well, even when the rest of the market is turbulent. You don’t even need to buy and store barrels of oil, you can buy options or shares to make things easier so it’s all managed online.


If you’re already successful in business and know what you’re doing, why not use your skills to make more money? You could either become an investor, giving a cash injection to a bootstrapped business that you see potential in, in exchange for shares. Alternatively you could set up a new business, hire people to run it for you and oversee it all from the top. You’d have very little work to do yourself but would get to cash in on all of the profit. Business is a lower risk when it comes to investing too compared with stocks, especially if you’re experienced and have (or have had) successful companies already.


In terms of investment, property is low risk and so if you want something that’s more secure, this is a good option. If you purchase properties and then rent them out, you get income from rent each month without having to do any work. If you hire an estate agent to manage them for you, you don’t even need to deal with tenants. There are fees and insurances to pay, but in time the rent tenants pay will essentially cover the cost of the property and so it’s an excellent way to gain income. It might not have 100% guarantees, but housing is always in demand and property tends to appreciate in value each year and so it’s a safe bet and one well worth considering.

Will you be making any investments in 2018? If you do, which of the above will you go for- which route appeals to you most?




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