Not Just a Woman’s Problem: At-Home Fertility Testing for Men

Whenever a couple has trouble getting pregnant, it’s typically the woman who heads into the doctor first to get checked out and make sure everything is cycling according to plan. (That’s doctor-approved medical terminology, of course…)

This was the case in our situation, as well. (Sorry, honey.) My wife returned home with an accusatory look and told me that everything with her had checked out just fine. After that, the pressure was on me to figure out why none of our attempts were taking. (Also highly technical medical terminology, there.)

You Ok, Little Guys?

I decided to try the Trak Male Fertility Testing System to check out the health of my little swimmers and make sure I was producing enough of them to get the job done. From my research, I understood that a guy with a healthy sperm count will send nearly 250 million little “guys” out, of which only a few hundred will even make it to the fallopian tubes. From there, it’s still an uphill battle and just a few of them will reach the egg.

You can see why a low sperm count would be a problem.

Sperm Count Testing At Home

trek fertility kit opening box

Thankfully, Trak makes it easy to get a sperm count in the privacy of your own home. I just created a “sample” and put a few drops of it into the Trak Prop to be spun down. This helps isolate the sperm cells so they can be counted – not individually, but measured by how many sperm per milliliter you’re producing.

Optimal is 55 million per milliliter (M/ml) or above. My numbers were just below 15M/ml, which would be considered low. In other words, my struggling little sperm needed some help.

A Successful Sperm Fix

How did I boost my sperm count in order to finally help create our new baby boy? I had to stop smoking, as tobacco use majorly impacts sperm count and motility. While it wasn’t easy and took some time to make a difference, it was worth it. In addition to being a new father, I’m healthier and will be around a lot longer to see this amazing little guy grow up.




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