New UNO Game – UNO Releases New Cards

UNO has just released a new UNO game, and they’re available now! This new game is called UNO Attack, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of the original. The new cards add a special element of fun and excitement to the game, and they’re sure to keep you on your toes. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a new set of UNO cards today!


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In 2022, Tokidoki Uno, the most new Uno game, came out. It came out on February 11, 2022.


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Toy company Mattel plans to put out two new Uno card games and spin-offs in 2022.

Tokidoki Uno

When Tokidoki Uno, a new deck of Uno cards, came out in 2022, it was called “Tokidoki Uno.” It was first sold on the websites of Mattel Creations and tokidoki. it. It’s also part of the Tokidoki-Uno clothing line, which has a tee-shirt, sweatshirt, and bucket cap that can be turned inside out.

A Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand called tokidoki was started in 2006 by Simone Legno. Tokidoki Uno has cute colors and images that are typical of the brand, which was started by Legno. There are cards with Donutella and her sweet friends on them, as well as Unicorno and Moofia. Tokidoki characters like these are on the cards. In Tokidoki Uno, the fourth color of play is purple, not green like in the other games.

This is the only game that has the Uno wild card and rules Wild Sweetheart Shield. When you get a Draw Two or a Wild Draw 4 card, throw away the Wild Sweetheart Shield.

Uno All Wild

All the cards in Uno All Wild are Wild cards, no matter what color the game board is. This deck of cards is called Uno All Wild.

112 cards are in Uno All Wild. As a bonus, Uno All Wild adds a few new Uno Wild cards to a game where all cards are Uno Wild cards. Uno All Wild has the following cards:

  • This card is called a “wild card.” It is the ace of spades.
  • Uno Wild is not used in games.
  • Wild Uno turned around.
  • It’s one of the first things you learn when you start school. Skips the next two people.
  • Uno Wild lets you draw two cards.
  • Two cards from your deck of Uno Wild cards should be taken (select which player will draw the cards and miss their next turn)
  • Uno Wild makes you draw four cards.

Uno All Wild has a collector’s edition game tin.

There have been new UNO games out.

This is a list of all the Uno games that have been planned but not yet released. New Uno games are often announced by Mattel just a few days in advance unless the game is a collaboration between Mattel Creations and Mattel Toys. Often, new Uno games are released with little or no notice. As a result, this list is often empty.

Uno Wild Sharing Squirrel Card by VeeFriends

A collector’s edition game tin You get VeeFriends Uno and a rulebook. Take a selfie with all of your cards and hashtag #veefriendsuno. The next player must follow suit.

VeeFriends Uno comes with a unique 113-card deck. The bonus card is a one-of-a-kind foil collectible. There are seventeen VeeFriends Uno collectible cards available in four rarities.

This is the most valuable VeeFriends Uno foil card.

Nike Zoom Freak 3 Uno

On November 11, 2021, Nike released the Zoom Freak 3 Uno as a new Uno deck. It was first made available through the Mattel Creations website and the NTWRK mobile app. The Nike Zoom Freak 3 Uno was made to celebrate Uno’s 50th birthday. The cards for cards have a 50th-anniversary logo on them. Besides that, it is part of the Nike-Uno product line, which sells Nike sports shoes in Uno colors.

The Nike Zoom Freak 3 Uno is made entirely out of brightly colored Uno cards with images of piles of Uno cards in the background. This shoe is called the “Uno.”

The Nike Zoom Freak 3 Uno has a wild card and rule. It’s possible to “force a turnover” with this card. We don’t know how this card works yet.

Moncler Genius Uno

There will be a brand new Uno deck called Moncler Genius Uno when it comes out on November 5, 2021. When Moncler Genius Uno first came out, it was only available on Mattel Creations’ website. One side of the Moncler Genius Uno was black and the other side was yellow, with one side having a black box and insert and the other having a yellow box and insert. The cards in both Moncler Genius Uno games are the same. There were a lot of Moncler Genius Uno Mattel Creations toys that sold out fast. The yellow-boxed version took the longest to sell out, but most of the new Uno toys sold out quickly.

In the same way that Moncler Uno Minimalista is minimalist, Moncler Genius Uno is too. Moncler Genius, on the other hand, has black-themed numbers and action cards, but white-themed Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards. This makes for a fun contrast.

Promotional art shows that Moncler Genius Uno has its Wild card and rule, and there are 112 cards in the Moncler Genius Uno deck. As a general rule, people call it the “Moncler Card.” However, there is no information about the rules for this one-of-a-kind Uno wild card.

Final Thoughts

These are the new UNO games that have been announced or released recently. As you can see, there are a lot of new UNO games that are coming out soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for them so you can get your hands on the new decks and try them out. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite UNO game to play. Thanks for reading!

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