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Technological Advancements that 5G Will Facilitate

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2019 will be bring many technological advancements, but what might be the most exciting is the development of a fifth generation mobile network. Mobile networks have come a long way since the first generation, which only carried analog audio waves. 5G will use higher frequency radio waves, which will make network much faster. The capacity of a 5G network will open up many possibilities, leading to technological advancements that may end up being truly revolutionary.

How Fast Will It Be?

Estimates on the latency of 5G range from 1GB to 10GB per second. According to a specialist from the site MoneyPug, which is often used in the United Kingdom to compare mobile phone contracts, this means that you will be able to download full-length feature films in seconds, run multiple applications at once, and access the internet at much higher speeds. Improvements of up to 15-20 percent in the day-to-day are being reported, but is unclear how much faster the network will really be.

When Will 5G Arrive?

Although 5G smart phones are already available in the United States, it won’t be available in the UK and elsewhere until 2019 and probably won’t be widely used until 2020. China and Japan have said that they will launch sooner. Still it will take a while for the network to be widespread, and longer for people in less developed countries. Yet big names have gone on the record saying that they will premier 5G phones in 2019. Huawei, Sony, Samsung, and OnePlus have all confirmed they will be revealing their models. Apple remains tight-lipped, as they do, but you can be sure that they are not letting this opportunity pass them by.

New Technological Advancements

One of the biggest advancements that the 5G network will facilitate is automated cars. With self-driving vehicles, lag can be the difference between life and death. A fast 5G network may unlock the possibility of controlling and monitoring automated vehicles with a smart phone, which would be a significant change in the testing of these cars.

Another phenomena that will become widespread are holograms. The capacity of 5G may enable holographic use in daily life, including making 3D medical imaging and the practice of remote surgeries by specialists who can’t be in the room where a patient needs an obscure procedure. They would control robots from far away, helping medical professionals work from anywhere. Other advancements like controlling industrial and other dangerous equipment remotely will prevent injuries.

People have been waiting for the accessibility of virtual and augmented reality for a long time. 5G may finally put these technologies in the average home, leading to all kinds of simulations and near unlimited possibilities. Programs that use VR and AR will lead to virtual advertising and other developments that sound more like science fiction.

These are just the beginning of the possibilities. Wider capacity and higher speed will lead to connecting devices with fridges and lights, making our lives more convenient than they already are.

The Savings of 5G

Not only will these technological advancements provide wonder and convenience, they will make certain things cheaper and more efficient. For example, the telecommunications company O2 has reported that we will be saving time, leading to £6 billion in productivity savings a year in the United Kingdom. In addition to the money saved from increasing productivity, they are estimating that each household will save £450 a month due to the advancements of smart fridges, self-driving cars, smart grids, which lead to lower food, fuel, and council bills. Furthermore, lighting advancements and smart bins may save councils £2.8 billion a year. Meanwhile, remote health service improvements could save NHS 1.1 million GP hours a year. Though we will be saving, we will also be buying more products. 5G will support the production of up to £8.5 trillion worth of goods and services by the year 2035, according to Qualcomm.

While 2019 looks like it will be the year of 5G, no one knows for sure what it will bring. The advancements may be beyond our wildest imaginations, but it may also take a long time for the new network to expand beyond the most elites users. Either way it will be an interesting year for following the technological advancements that 5G will help make happen.

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