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On Second Thought – Avoid Sending Texts You May Regret

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In the age of the mobile smart phone, we’ve all probably sent out that text that we didn’t intend on sending. Or even if we did, sometimes we end up regretting it whether it was in anger, lust, excitement, or whatever mood you were feeling. But once you hit the send button, that’s it and the message has been received by the other person. But what if you could cancel that text after you’ve hit the send button?

With the On Second Thought app, you are able to recall your sent messages! Pretty useful, yeah?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to make sure you set ‘On Second Thought’ as your default texting app. Once that is set, you can now choose a delay time from a few seconds up to one minute. So the next time you send out a text to an individual or a group, you’ll have up to 60 seconds to change your mind and recall that text. This could possibly be a relationship saver!

The texting app also has something called the ‘curfew’ function that stops overnight text. This way, you won’t be sending your ex something you’ll be regretting the next day. A nude selfie? The middle finger? Nope, it’s not happening! You can download it from the Google Play store.


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