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What To Expect From Mobile Phones In The Near Future

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Have you ever wondered what we can expect from smartphones in the near future? They are pretty advanced as it is, but new technology and trends are coming out each and every day. It won’t be long before we’re using mobile phones that could easily belong in a sci-fi movie. Read on to learn what to expect…

Holographic Display

Remember that sci-fi movie we talked about? Pretty soon your mobile phone could have a holographic display. Imagine interacting with virtual displays! We could expect this as soon as the iPhone 8, although people have been talking about it since the release of the iPhone 6.

Flexible Frames

Imagine having a smartphone so flexible that you could fold it in two? You’d never have to worry about it breaking in your pocket ever again! Some think that this type of phone will be able to be worn as a smart bracelet, and even worn on a belt to assist you in outdoor activities.

Educational Tools

We all spend a lot of time using our phones, so it only makes sense to make them as educational as possible. Schools have already started to text alert parents for different things, so it shouldn’t be long before they are used as effective learning tools. Mobile phones could be used to take pictures and notes on days out with the class, and in turn this could give a more informal and fun approach to learning.

If you want to learn about the mobile phones we have had around so far, look at the infographic below!

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