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Discord: The App

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The gaming community is continuing to grow stronger and stronger. Gamers tend to bond and come together over similar games that they love to play together. There is this app called Discord that allows gamers from all around the world to chat over there favorite games. Gamers can create chat rooms and send invite codes to people. Within the chatroom, there are servers that are geared towards certain interests. For examples, people who love to play Mario Kart can make a chatroom on Discord and invite people who love the game to chat and even plan competitions through this app. They could have servers dedicated to different things about the game such as those interested in competing, those who want to talk about the characters, and maybe even one to discuss tips and tricks on how to beat the game.

With the growing presence of gamers on YouTube, many popular YouTubers use this app to connect with their subscribers and get their feedback on the games they have been playing. It is also a way for them to get advice or suggestions on what games to play.

This app is also relatively safer, because there is always an admin monitoring the chat, and you can have designated people who help to monitor activity within the chats. Unlike other social media and chats servers, you have to be invited or given the link in order to join. This eliminates most people who are coming to cause harm or have no interests in the games.

It is a great app for meeting new people and having a safe space to be nerdy in. It is like social media for gamers. However, even though this app is geared towards gamers, it really could be used for anything! The sole purpose of Discord to bring people together who share a similar interest. This app could be great to plan events or bring members from a school club together. Overall, this is a great and safe app to have on your device.

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