Why Are Mobile Casinos So Popular? The Geeky Answer May Surprise You

Mobile casinos are hugely popular. The burgeoning popularity of Smartphones has paid dividends for online casinos. Whereas land-based casinos have to rely on traditional clientele, mobile casinos are enticing customers from much further afield. So why are people choosing to play at online casinos?


Firstly, the mammoth choice available online makes land-based casinos pale in comparison. People like choice and online casinos are like supermarkets whilst land-based casinos are more reminiscent of the corner shop. The best example of this would be the slot machines, which are the most popular form of gambling in Las Vegas. If you were to play at Pure Microgaming you would have access to 398 different slot machines, that sort of choice just isn’t atonable at a casino, which may have 398 slot machines but the number of different machines would be less than half than those found online. It isn’t just the slots though, poker, blackjack, roulette and other classic casino games are not just readily available online but they are there in greater numbers.

Breaking of Gender Divide

Although they don’t market themselves that way casinos do have a distinctively male feel to them. For many women the thought of going to the casino can be quite daunting due to the male dominance – most of these men will be intoxicated and as a result the time spent at the casino can be an ordeal rather than a pleasure. Mobile casinos are completely different; women are safe to play and are free from drunken lecherous men..


Your chances of winning make a big difference to whether you are going to play something or not, life is just one big cost-benefit-analysis. Due to the lower overhead costs of running an online casino in comparison to a land based casino, you can find higher pay-out percentage online. If the difference between the two formats was around 5% you may not be that bothered, but they are not. Online casinos pay-out percentages range from 92-97% whilst land-based slots are somewhere between to 70-80%. That’s a difference that is hard to ignore. The low costs also entail higher prizes online; many slots have progressive jackpots that are over the millions while lower stake games on average have a jackpot than the same stake games in land-based casinos.


Online casinos also offer fantastic bonuses to both new customers and old customers. The most common bonus offered is the deposit matcher which usually is 100%. Say you deposited £100 into your account most companies would then match that deposit, effectively doubling your money. Have you ever been to a casino and had your starting bankroll doubled? The answer is no. With so many online casinos bonuses are one of the only ways companies can differentiate themselves from the next. The winner of this market saturation is quite clearly the customer, who gains access to numerous advantageous bonuses, such as free spins.

Mobile casinos are clearly the future, so it is not that surprising that they are one of the most sought after apps.




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