How is AI Faring Against Us Today?

We simply can’t ignore the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is and has been all around us for the past decade, with huge tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and even Facebook all using the advanced AI technology ‘to go where no (AI) machine has gone before…’

What is it about AI that makes most of us freak out? Could it just be our lack of fundamental understanding of how it works? Perhaps for some it is a useful friend when our world is becoming ever more reliant on mobile phone and computer screens and less concerned about ‘real’ connections. In any case, Betway researched into the world of robotic technology, to find out what areas of human expertise are being overtaken.

It is believed that up to a fifth of the global workforce could be made redundant by 2030 as a result of robot automation, this will cast a major catastrophe for emerging countries that need to keep their people working for fear of starvation and major revolts. It seems this phenomenon is going to affect people in the West too with AI robots even performing creative tasks such as writing articles, as was evidently the case in The Washington Post’s 2016 US election coverage, which was made by a robot reporting programme called Heliograf.

It’s not all doom and gloom as a recent report that was published by the World Economic Forum said that AI can actually create 133 million new jobs by 2022, thus freeing up people to establish new tasks. This should have a knock-on effect on jobs that are usually not sought after due to pay restrictions, such as teaching and nursing.

Other areas which already benefit from a positive AI effect are our health and the environment. The rise of the smartwatch in recent years has made it super easy to know how our health is doing 24/7, with FitBit and Apple as well as Samsung brands offering us the ability to record our sleep, heart rate, steps and more. All of which are presented nicely to us on respective Apps, all thanks to an AI algorithm that is able to track our health and translate it to us in an instant. Gone are the days when we would have to wait to see our GP regularly, it seems that now we would only go if we get feedback from our smartwatch that something isn’t right…

With the rapid decline of trees all over the world due to deforestation, manly to make room for cattle farming as well as extracting palm oil it is great news that Australia’s GrowBot is able to plant trees 10 times faster than humans, and at a much cheaper cost too. The GrowBot hope to have 4,500 of these AI machines up and running in the coming years.

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