Holiday Gift Ideas that are Uniquely Geek

The holiday season is almost here, and you are making your lists and checking them twice. You want everyone to love their holiday gift, even the ones who are uniquely geek.

Read on to discover some cool, uniquely geek gift ideas that will make the geeks in your family smile.

Star Wars bathroom sign? How about a hilarious bathroom sign to please the Star Wars fans that enter your bathroom. The sign — Use The Force — features Darth Vader attempting to vacate his bowels on the toilet. If you’re a Star Wars lover, or just a fan of a good bathroom sign, this hilarious Use The Force bathroom sign might be for you.

Uniquely geek sushi lover? Checkout these awesome chopsticks that look like lightsabers from Star Wars! They’re called ChopSabers, and yes they actually light up using a battery inside of each stick. It’s essentially the only proper way for a Star Wars geeky to eat Asian food.

Marvel Superheroes Arcade Machine will entertain your geek for hours, For about $300, this entertainment system plays some of the best, most iconic Marvel games graced by the arcades.

Have a Scotch? Game of Thrones is the inspiration behind this wonderful scotch, that just gets better with age. For this single malt, inspired by the Greenseer, that means 15 years of aging.

Is the geek or nerd in your life always forgetting their wallet or car keys? With the TrackR Bravo, you can ensure they never lose their essential items again. You can place this IR device on the back of any item. For example, you can put it on the back of your car keys and, when you can’t find your keys, you can use the TrackR App to make the device ring.

Any fan of The Game of Thrones or Dungeons & Dragons will love this Infinite Dungeon Corridor. The flickering torches on the wall have three levels of brightness and the stone slabs look to have seen their share of adventurers. However, turn the Infinite Dungeon Corridor on and peer inside, you’ll see a never-ending hallway. It’s not magic, but a combination of mirrors and light that create this illusion. Not only can you display the Infinite Dungeon Corridor on a desk, but you can also hang it on the wall.

With the officially licensed Star Trek Electronic Door Chime, it will feel like walking onto the bridge of the Enterprise every time you open your door. This Star Trek product is activated by motion, playing iconic sounds from the show when anyone passes by the device. You can select from either a red alert sound or a door opening sound and mount this device on either side of the door.

James Bond Style Cufflinks that are Uniquely Geek

Cool cuff links just for the special man in your life. They also are equipped with a working silver USB flash drive as well that holds 32GB of memory. Buy these for the guy who has to wear professional clothes to work or to go out for business.

Etsy and other online retailers offer unique cufflinks for the geek in your life. From video game and circuit board cufflinks, to Star Wars and Dungeon and Dragons cufflinks, there are many options to choose from.




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