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Why you should choose a tablet over a laptop

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Tablets today have gotten extremely advanced and a number of people are ditching their laptops in favor of tablets or even larger smart phones. If you are considering a new laptop purchase you might instead want to change over to a tablet for some of these top reasons and more:

Tablets are great for office-based tasks

Many people are adverse to picking up the tablet because they don’t think of them as being great for typing, spreadsheet work and other office tasks. Using a virtual keyboard on most tablets today can be much easier because it comes with a series of interfaces that are customizable. Tablet devices today also have voice to text recognition so you can often speak the data that you would like to type into the tablet when required.


The size of a tablet can often make it even more portable than the smallest laptop on the market. This can make sure that you can get access to powerful components in a miniaturized format that you can take anywhere. If the idea of picking up a laptop means having something you can work or play on at any time, you might want to consider a tablet instead.

Better battery life

Tablets today are often designed for efficiency from their operating system all the way to the batteries that are installed on board. Because laptops generally have to use more powerful hardware, even the best battery life will only keep a laptop on 4-6 hours maximum. Average tablets on the market today can easily run over 10 hours through web usage, document editing and more.

These are just a few of the top reasons why you should consider opting for a tablet over a laptop. As the performance of tablets only continues to increase, we could continue to see more users join the mobile revolution and discard their older laptops.

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