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What Is The Difference Between A Laser And An Ink Printer?

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When it comes to computer printing there are basically two different types of printing technologies that are being used in the printers today; inkjet and laser. Both of them have their pluses and minuses. Each one of the technologies is best suited for a certain type of print jobs. It is extremely important to be sure that you have matched the right type of printing for your needs.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet technology uses liquid pigments contained in holding tanks. The ink comes in four base colors; black, magenta, yellow and cyan. Using the four colors the printer is able to recreate the more than a million different color combinations. The printhead deposits tiny droplets onto the page and the series of dot placement creates the image or text.

The closer the dots are placed together on the page, the higher the resolution. The paper type also plays a role in the quality of the print that comes out of a typical inkjet printer. This is especially true when it comes to photo quality printing, the higher the glossy finish the better the printer can handle it.

Laser Printing

The technology behind laser printing is much more complex then you will find in an inkjet. Laser printing uses a dry compound (toner) to create the image that ends up on the paper. Depending on whether you have a monochrome (black/grayscale) which uses a single black toner or color which uses four separate colors (black, yellow, cyan, and magenta). The toner is a unique combination of a magnetic substance and color pigment.

The digital image is created by transferring the toner to the imaging drum and it is then put onto the paper. The paper is fed into the fuser unit which combines heat and pressures rollers to heat the toner and the pressure roller presses into the paper.

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