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It’s Radeon 5870 day

ATi RadeonGet your review on, boys & girls:

Many of thee reviews delve deeply into the architecture end of the “Cypress” GPU, so there are plenty of details for the curious.  As you can see above, there certainly aren’t very many retail cards available to review sites just yet; the Sapphire card being the lone departure from the reference card from a slew of reviews.  The bottom line from the reviews, though, is that the 5870 is the new “king” in town.  We’ll have to see if nVidia can best it when it releases its GT300; supposedly next month (assuming, of course, that it solves the yield issues).

Oh, & you may have to wait a bit  to get your DX11 groove goin’.  Newegg has three cards listed, from Sapphire, HIS, & ASUS for the low-low price of $379; but they’re all listed as “auto-notify,” meaning they’re not currently in stock.  The same goes for ZipZoomFly, who list cards from MSI, Diamond, Gigabyte, & XFX.

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