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Is There a Place For High Tech in Baby Gear?

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This generation of parents can benefit from a wide range of tools that can improve the process of raising children. Technology is truly making its way into the bedroom of babies across the world. With a new generation of parents that are all well versed with technology use, it’s no wonder that they are regularly looking for a helping hand in raising kids too. There is certainly a place for high tech in baby gear today and some of the best new devices that you should consider include:

No touch Thermometers

Forehead thermometers are a much easier way that you can check on the temperature of your baby. A quick scan with the thermometer can let you know if there are any signs of a fever or lower temperature. It’s non-invasive and it can take a reading in just seconds.

Improved baby monitors

Camera baby monitors are some of the greatest gadgets available today. You can look in on your child at any time and from your smartphone device. These monitors are much more expensive than the average audio monitor and they can have a wealth of features like night vision, alarms and more.

Hands-free pump

A hands-free breast pump can deliver easy storage and quick pump technology. It fits right into a bra and it can make the process of pumping very easy. It can be controlled via a smartphone and it ensures you can have hands-free to do anything during the process of pumping.

Baby Shusher

This piece of technology mimics some of the sounds that a baby would have heard in the womb. In a way, it’s a white noise machine that can work to calm babies with familiar sounds. Devices like this are helping parents across the world enjoy more restful nights.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are a new parent. Remember that using new technology with baby gear offers a fantastic improvement for your job as parents!

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