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Cool Existing and Up and Coming Technology to Take Note Of

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CES, a tech convention held in Las Vegas is billed as the world’s biggest tech expo, and in 2019 it’s expected to really make waves. There’s plenty of new technology that’s just being rolled out that really makes us feel like we’re living in the future, and much more in the pipelines. Here are some exciting things to expect in the world of tech this year.


Apple and Samsung might still be the smartphone front runners, but there’s some real competition out there now. Phones such as the Moto G7, LG G8 Thin Q, Motorola Razr and Huawei foldable are all generating a lot of interest. We still have some great offerings from the two big brands, with Samsung releasing the Galaxy fold (several companies prepare to launch smartphones that bend and fold this year) their 5g phone, and of course the S10 this year (you can find some of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases here). Apple is rumoured to release new iphones in fall of this year as is the trend, with some exciting new features including 3d touch, improved cameras (such as in depth camera systems) and apple pencil support. There’s plenty going on in the world of smartphones, so some exciting choices if you’re upgrading in 2019.


Some of the most exciting advancements in screens is the idea of rollable or foldable screens, and this technology is being used in tvs. Take the LG 65 inch oled tv for example which can be rolled up like a poster when it’s not in use. As with foldable phone screens which we’re seeing more in recent months, tvs are also being made foldable which is seriously impressive on a large screen and can be really handy too. Right now it feels incredibly futuristic, but in a few years time it’s the sort of thing that’s likely to be integral to the technology we use. Now 4k is the standard in newer tvs, 8k is the new frontier. As you can guess by the name, it’s twice as clear as 4k, the only drawback is currently creators are still catching up with 4k. So there’s not all that much available to watch on them, as of yet.


Smart transport has received as much criticism as it has praise. While it’s more than likely the future of transport, the deaths and accidents caused by them so far can’t go unnoticed. However, as with anything these things are getting smarter and smarter and so can only continue to improve. Bosch is getting ready to show off a a shared mobility concept vehicle by debuting a driverless electric shuttle. There has also been an emergence of electric bikes in recent years, which are all going to be boosted by the integration of AI assistants. Take the Cybbic Legend for example, this smart bicycle comes with a touchscreen display, GPS, WiFi and and Amazons Alexa assistant. The technology will help cyclists with many things including getting traffic updates, getting turn-by-turn directions, personalised light settings, playing music and much more. Many towns and cities are of course looking to lower emissions and get more people walking and biking, and so these advancements and anything that encourages commuters to hop on their bike instead is always going to be a good thing.

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