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Breathing Some Life Into Your Laptop

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As technology has advanced and developed, the throwaway culture of humankind has reached a true pinnacle. Not too many years ago, a phone costing more than a few hundred dollars was very expensive. Nowadays, though, people are willing to spend several times as much, and will often replace their devices much more often. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, with the right effort, you should be able to breath some new life into your laptop, and it won’t damage anything in the process.

A Good Clean

Tools Required: Screwdriver, air duster, and a microfiber cloth.

A machine like a laptop has to be kept clean. The thermal balance inside your device will be very dependent on air being able to move through the limited space available. With dust, grime, and other dirt clogging up the heat sinks, it will be impossible for air to move freely. As time goes on, this will get worse and worse, and will likely start to result in overheating and potentially damaged hardware. Solving this issue is nice and easy, thankfully. With an air duster in hand, you just need to take the laptop apart to get inside it. The sort of job should always be done using anti-static protection gear, especially in machines which have been on recently. This will make your machine run cooler, in turn giving the hardware inside a chance to run at full power.

Some Minor Tweaking

Tools Required: Online resources, a backup, risk-acceptance.

Of course, cleaning out the machine isn’t the only way to get more life out it. Much like a car, a laptop can be tuned, and you have a surprising amount of freedom when it comes to doing it. Using the right on-screen BIOS for your motherboard, along with some software from your processor manufacturer, you can make small changes to clock speeds and power delivery to soak a little more out of your machine. This process can be a little bit risky, so it’s worth making sure that you have backups of everything before you begin.

Getting Some Help

Tools Required: Transport to a shop.

Finally, it’s time to consider the help you can get with this sort of work along the way. Most people will struggle to overclock for the first time, and it could even be too scary to clean the inside of your laptop. Thankfully, companies like Dave’s Computers can be found everywhere offering services to bring new life to your computer. When choosing someone like this to help you, it’s very important to read plenty of reviews. Along with this, though, you should also make sure that you trust whoever it is who is working with you.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working on ways to extend the life of your laptop. It can be very easy to start looking for brand new options when things go wrong. But, of course, you rarely have to spend this much money. Instead, you just need to start looking for some ways to make the old one last longer.

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