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3 Exciting Tech Launches for January 2019

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January of 2019 sets to be a big month for new technology. With many companies launching new products at CES, there is a wide selection of products that you should keep your eye out for starting in the new year. Here are three exciting tech launches planned for January 2019:

Samsung Galaxy X

The 10th version of the Samsung Galaxy is expected to launch in January. It is going to be smaller and more powerful than ever before. The X is rumored to have 24.6-inch screens that can expand to a 7.29-inch tablet when they’re folded over correctly. The device can fold down to a 3.5″ screen through the hinge device. It estimated that the phone might cost upwards of $1400 for the base model.

Huawei Mate X

Huawei is also going to be entering into the foldable phone market. They filed a patent for an affordable smartphone that’s going to open similarly to a book. Huawei will be expanding its dual-lens camera as well as improving wireless charging features. Currently, there’s just a concept video available for this phone but it is likely that we will see a working demo starting in Jan. The technology available here could be some of the most advanced from current smartphones, especially incorporating the folding functions.

One Plus 7

One plus will be delivering a 5G smartphone in January. Although there aren’t any 5G networks in North America this will be a phone that’s ready for the future. The specs on this fund may not include the foldable face that has been teased in so many other flagship phones but it can include some of the most powerful technology and networking items from any previous smartphone.

Keep your eye out for these amazing tech launches starting in January of 2019.

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