GreenZero Chargers – Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

The so-called ‘Green Movement’ is stronger than ever and companies continue to bring out genius products to market in all types of industries. A lot of the products are just gimmicks to cash in on all the action but there are some very useful products. The one that I really like is the Bracketron’s GreenZero Charger and this bad boy actually will save you money.

When you charge your phone overnight and the batteries reach full capacity – the device is still sucking up energy and slowly costing you money. But with the GreenZero charger, it will automatically shut off at zero idle power once your device is fully charged. That’s some “serious” cash saved over the long term.

The GreenZero chargers range in price from $24.95 to $34.95 depending on the type of GreenZero charger you purchase. They have different chargers for different devices.




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