Geeky Ways to Get In Shape

Just because you are a geek doesn’t meant that you can’t work to stay in shape. While typical big box gyms may be intimidating or simply unappealing, there are many other great ways that you can put your fitness first, even events and classes that cater to the geek culture! Sound good? Let’s check out some of the more popular options.

Themed Races: You may not like running, but with themed races you get more than just a medal at the end. Picture this, instead of running your typical, run of the mill 5K race, you take to a course that has zombies chasing you the entire way. How about dressing up as your favorite superhero and taking on a course for charity? Thanks to themed races, you and your friends can do just that. All you have to do is get a group of friends together (or run solo) and find the race in your area that appeals to you. You can take on zombies, superheroes or whatever else you can find.

Stage Combat: Have you always wanted to live out the dream of performing an elaborate sword fight? Maybe stage your own lightsaber battle? If any of these sound appealing to you then you may want to consider taking a stage combat class. These classes are where actors and stuntmen go to learn how to produce a realistic action scene. You may have to search for a class at a local theater or college, but once you find one you can be sure that you will be getting a workout like no other once you commit to creating great action scenes.

Yoga: If adventure races and action classes are too much for you, you might enjoy the quieter and more relaxing atmosphere that yoga provides. Finding a yoga class that is right for you shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, especially with classes being tailored to beginners and advanced practitioners.

Being a geek doesn’t mean that you can’t be in shape. There are plenty of great activities that you can do to keep in shape while also embracing your inner geek. Give one a try today!

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