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Why the gadget obsessed need to opt for IFA as their European vacation

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IFA is in September and man is it a sight to behold. The best in European consumer electronics at my fingertips all while getting to enjoy the sights and sounds of Berlin. How could you not enjoy the amazing precision of Germany coupled with the gadgets and electronics available for perusal at IFA. Germany is world-renowned for its engineering prowess and the excellence displayed by the same minds which have been responsible for bringing the BMW to the world at large.

If one were to try and describe IFA to an American the best descriptor would be to compare it to the larger and more impersonal CES in Vegas. Exhibitors like Siemens (a leader in home cleaning) and Razer a desktop peripherals company making some of the best keyboards and mice available on the market.

IFA does have the distinction of being one of the longest running events at 6 days! 6 full days of small, mid, large, and even multinational companies showing their wares to the world, and the products you find here are always considerably more interesting than some of the ones you might find at other consumer electronics events around the world. European electronics are traditionally held to be just a bit more sophisticated than the kinds of products you expect to see at North American Consumer electronics events.

I’ve traveled to consumer electronics events around the world and this one always feels so much more relaxed compared to the frenetic pace of CES and C2E2. Both of which hold tens of thousands of guests and thousands of exhibitors making it absolutely impossible to see everything that there is to be seen when it comes to these events.

IFA is the perfect excuse to take a European vacation on top of learning about the newest and best European electronics.

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