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What is Yandex?

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If by any chance you get to go to Russia, we are sure that instead of “Google it”, you will get more of “Yandex it”. This is because, in Russia, Yandex is the search engine to use. Google seems to be getting more and more competitors by the day. We are not sure if this a good or not, all we know is that technology has a lot to do with.

Difference between Google and Yandex

  • Yandex is a search engine that is used in Russia, approximately 52% of the population in Russia use Yandex as compared to Google.
  • Google is one year younger than Yandex. Yandex was founded in 1997, 3 years after the first internet or best casino online went online. Google was founded in 1998.
  • One of the main reasons why Yandex is preferred in Russia is because Google has a hard time interpreting Russian. As a result, the Russians would prefer a search engine that can understand them better.
  • Apple has Siri, Windows has Cortana and Amazon has Alexa. All the leading tech giants have a virtual assistant. In this case, at hand, Yandex has Alisa or Alice while Google has Google Assistant.
  • In an odd turn of events, Alisa is one year younger than Google Assistant. Alisa was debuted in October 2017, and Assistant in May 2016.
  • Yandex has a taxi application, which would explain why Uber is not popular in Russia as well.


Regardless of the search engine that you use, we are sure that you can find the top online casino games. This is because while the search engines have their own rivalries they know that their users appreciate a little bit of fun. So, if you are in Russia where they use Yandex or America where they use Google, the online casino will still have online casino games. Besides, it’s not like the users really care who takes them there as long as they play for real money

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