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What is the Blinkist App?

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Reading books is a wonderful thing. It is said that all kinds of reading benefit us in a way or another. However, not every one of us has the patience to sit with a book to finish it. Sometimes, even the most intriguing books are left incomplete or untouched because of the lack of persistence.

Well, the good news is that there is an App to help us read the summary of the books that we would like to read. This amazing app is an answer for all the book lovers who fail to stick around with a book for long and miss on the story. Blinkist is an app that helps you with a summarized version of any book that you would like to read.

How it works? – The Blinkist team pulls out insights after reading the books and explains them to the readers in a plain language. This is generally 15 minutes read, with all the important parts covered from the book. These summaries are texts and audio too. The good part is that the app allows you to free read, but that doesn’t let you choose a book of your choice. You’ll be able to read only their daily pick also known as blinks.

Their Logo – The Blinkist logo tells a lot about their idea. The white space around the logo reflects the outside world where there is an ocean of knowledge. The green circle represents the Blinkist team, working on simplifying every little complex thing in a book. The deep blue drop signifies a small, yet powerful seed of knowledge, that you can consume with less effort because of the team’s help.

You’ll find a web app for your convenience too, however, since Blinkist is meant to help you read whenever and wherever you want, the app is also available for both iPhone and Android. You can also use your social account or email ID to sign up.

If you are too busy and don’t find enough time to read, but would want to keep yourself updated with the latest editions, Blinkist is the best app you can opt for a daily read of 15 minutes.

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