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What is different about an LED light bulb?

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If you have been considering the idea of switching over to a LED lightbulb for efficiency, you may be interested to know what the difference between some of the main light bulbs on the market are today. An LED lightbulb has many differences when compared to traditional bulbs. Here are some of the main differences between an LED light bulb and others that are available worldwide:


An LED light bulb can often last up to 50,000 hours and this is a bulb that offers an average of five times the lifespan of a traditional lightbulb. Many LED light bulbs that you put in today could be sitting in the same fixture for 10 to 20 years before you have to worry about changing them.

Low cost over time

LED lightbulbs may be a little more expensive upfront but they can last much longer than a traditional bulb. They also use considerably less energy. By switching over to LED lightbulbs from a 60 W equivalent you be using just 10 W on average per bulb. This could mean cutting your electricity output in lighting by 5 to 6 times. If the cost to run one incandescent lightbulb over 23 years sits around $200, it may cost just under $40 to run the same LED lightbulb for the same amount of time.

More precise

LED lightbulbs can offer a much better level of light. They don’t have the same sensitivity and cold temperatures and they light up immediately unlike any other incandescent bulb on the market. As soon as you flip a switch, you can have precision light and available in a few hues as well. Dimming LED’s can also be done in a more precise manner than any other incandescent on the market.


LEDs are much safer to having any home. They don’t contain mercury and they don’t produce heat while they are on.

Keep some of these top differences in mind regarding LEDs. Remember that changing over to LED light bulbs could be a great way to enjoy improvements for your cost savings with any property.

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