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Understanding the Impact of Social Media

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Through the power of the internet and mobile devices, society as we know it has changed. People who grew up before the big technological boom of the 2000s can attest to how far technology has come. Before, video games only consisted of mere pixels and monotone sounds. Now, games can compete (and beat) multi-million dollar funded movies in terms of plot and visuals. Before, all phone contacts must come from an annual edition of the phone book – and searching it was not easy. Now, all you have to do is type someone’s name on Facebook and you are all set.

Social Media’s Reach and Influence

Right now, social media is dominated by websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While these platforms have millions and millions of members, each one caters to a specific demographic. Twitter and Instagram for example have a younger age range, while Facebook has slowly transitioned into a more family friendly environment with an older demographic.

These social media giants boast millions of users under their individual systems at any given period. According to this article written by Click Consult, the different social media brands that dominate today’s landscape have many distinct advantages (and disadvantages) over one another. For one to succeed in their business, they have to appeal to the specific markets. For those who are only using them for personal accounts, one must by wary as well. Anything you post in these sites also has the possibility of being seen by the millions of visitors – for the good or bad.

Millions of Eyes Watching

Through the internet and mobile devices, the world has come closer together. Whether that is a good or a bad thing, we cannot say for sure. With almost everyone having access to the internet, it has been a breeze to receive news, keep in touch with others, and make new friends. The internet has spawned countless social media platforms over the years. Some rose to prominence and eventually dominated the medium. Others on the other hand faded away into obscurity.

While it is a great thing that one can connect with people all over the globe with these different platforms, using them can have risks. When using them for either your private contacts or for more professional promotions, at the end of the day your data may not be secure. These data millions input into their profiles and accounts may be sold to advertisers, or even breached by third parties altogether.

The risk will always be there – of a stranger ending up into your page by simply knowing your name, or your private photos being out there. Will only the people on your friend list see the photos you post on your social media wall? Will your tweets from years ago be uncovered and used against you? Connectivity is a great thing to have. Being able to express yourself creatively is amazing. Nevertheless, anything and everything has a downside. The question you have to ask is, is it all worth it?

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