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The Evolution of the Computer Mouse

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If you’re reading this on a desktop or laptop computer, chances are that you used a mouse to clink the link that brought you here. But did you know that the first computers operated without any sort of mouse? They are ubiquitous today, but the history of the computer mouse is an interesting one that dates back to 1964. Here is a brief timeline of the mouse.

1964 – Invention of the Mouse

Douglas Engelbart created a wooden shell that contained a circuit board and two metal wheels that contacted the work surface. This mouse had a single small button that acted as the clicker.

1973 – Xerox Alto

The Xerox Alto was one of the first personal computers and is also generally considered to be the first modern computer that regularly used a mouse.

1982 – Xeros 8010

The Xerox 8010 became the most popular computer that used a mouse at the time, and it was bought for use in many homes across the world.

1984- Macintosh 128K

This is the first computer that really brought the mouse into the mainstream. The mouse that came with it was known as the Lisa mouse, and it was one of the first mass-produced mice that experience widespread usage.

1991 – Logitech Wireless Mouse – Cordless MouseMan

This was a major breakthrough in the industry. Logitech invented a mouse that used radio frequency, eliminating the use for an annoying cable that got in the way. While impressive at the time, this mouse was relatively expensive, and we didn’t see widespread usage of wireless mice for about another decade .

1998 – Optical mice

Optical mice changed the entire game, getting rid of the fussy trackball that often-caused problems when it got dirty or became old and lost its touch. Optical mice use laser sensors to move the pointer and require less maintenance.

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