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The 5 Most Common Things People Hide Online Revealed

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It sounds sinister but when you really think about it, how many of us reveal everything online? Is anyone truly themselves behind a screen? Some things we just don’t want people to know; some things people are hiding because they are up to no good, and many behaviours fall somewhere in-between these two extremes. Let’s look at the five most common things people hide online.


Why would someone want to hide how they really behave and think?

Well, a number of reasons!

Since the beginnings of the internet, some people have found it fun to step into the shoes of an imaginary person – to present themselves as who they hope to be, rather than who they actually are. And this isn’t a new practice. People have been doing this since the old Second Life was created back in 2003!

Alternatively, some people do this purely to annoy others they come into contact with online. The trolls are real…

Browser Search History

“If I die… delete my browser history…”

Can you relate? If you can’t, you likely know someone who would.

There are plenty of things people get up to on the internet that they would rather no one knew about: searching for and watching porn, shopping for that perfect gift or just the present to apologise for the first activity on this list.

Whatever the reason, people don’t want their full web browsing history to be found – something we can see clearly since just about every web browser available has some kind of private function.


This is quite a common detail that people will choose to hide online. There are lots of reasons for this one.

In countries where political, religious, sexuality or gender freedoms are restricted, the people who live there have a greater necessity to conceal where they’re browsing from.

This is usually done using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It’s easy to find out how these work and check the suitability of each VPN – as easy as reading reviews online.

It’s important to know that not every VPN is as good as the next depending on the location you’re looking to mirror, so make sure you do your research if you’re interested.

Online Availability

The social media age is still shiny and new. We’re still working out the etiquette and routines, like how long is appropriate to take to answer a message?

If you’re someone that needs a little breathing room or you’ve received that awkward message you don’t know the answer to, being able to hide whether or not you’re online might be just what you need!

Relationship Status

Ah, the digital dating scene. Full of honest, open people just looking for loving relationships.

I don’t buy it either.

Hiding your relationship status is a tool used by many a married/in a relationship person. If you want to catch more fish than the one you already have on your line, you create a new profile that says your single or hide the relationship status on your personal profile.

Who said romance is dead?

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