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Tech Gifts For Him This Valentine’s

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It’s so hard to shop for men on Valentine’s Day. Everything seems geared to cheesy generic Hallmark cards, eye-wateringly expensive red roses and unimaginative chocolates. So far so dull. It’s no wonder that Valentine’s Day is criticized for being a total rip-off.

How about buying something for your partner that they really want to show how much you care? Tech gifts might not seem obviously romantic, but actually Valentine’s Day is all about thinking about that special person in your life and what makes them happy. If tech is the way to his heart, read on for some ideas that won’t break the bank and that will last long after Valentine’s Day.

For the gaming techie

If your Valentine is a self-confessed gaming geek, he will love the Nintendo Switch which can be used as a console at home or handheld device to cheer up his train commute to work.

Alternatively, search eBay and buy the games console that your partner had as a child to bring back the good old days. How about a Nintendo 64 complete with Goldeneye? Add a handwritten note to challenge him to a game and you will make his day.

A cheaper option is to buy him some Super Nintendo Gadget Decals to decorate his tech with retro cool. Or buy him a stylish wood effect wireless keyboard for a vintage twist to new technology.

Gaming and vaping is a match made in heaven with the gaming and vaping scenes officially engaged. If your Valentine hasn’t yet discovered the beauty of vaping while gaming, buy him a vaping starter kit and he will no longer need to take a smoking break while gaming. Many of the most popular vape mods and e-liquids are named after iconic games, so you can choose thoughtfully for extra brownie points.

For the romantic techie

A Lovebox makes the perfect romantic gift for a modern version of the love letter. Just text the Lovebox your message – or poem if you are feeling clever – and it will alert your loved one to a new message. When they open the wooden box the message is displayed on a screen with the magical power of WiFi. What would Shakespeare think. Get ahead of the pack and order yours now.

For the fun techie

Valentine’s Day can be taken too seriously, so to make your Valentine laugh, how about buying him an Amazon Heineken Dash button to reorder his beer at the touch of a button. He can then put his beer in a mini USB fridge cooler to chill just one can of beer at his desk.

Add to the fun with sound-activated light blocks so that he can build his own geometric sculpture.

Or how about a frivolous Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera for polaroid nostalgia complete with a selfie mirror to take some cheesy couple photos?

For the fitness techie

If your Valentine spends a great deal of time working out, buy him an Apple Watch so that you can keep in contact when he is on the move – it increases his tech appeal and looks stylish too.

Check out the Jaybird Run Headphones the perfect gift for a runner – offering the ultimate comfort while on the move.

A phone storage workout bottle is ideal for him in the gym as it keeps his phone safely inside the bottle – along with the water – genius! No more leaving his phone on the workout machines.

For the travel techie

If your other half drives you mad by losing his keys, wallet and bags on the move, buy him a Tile. This small white square puck with let you know it’s location via Bluetooth.

The hipster on the move will love the retro Casio CA53W Calculator Watch which will take them back to their geeky school days.

Valentine’s also offers the opportunity to buy your partner a new smartphone if theirs is on its last legs. Bring them up to date with the Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a 13MP front camera and a 19MP rear snapper. The ‘Rosso Red’ case is perfect for Valentine’s.

If they regularly take long trips on planes or trains, buy them a neck massage pillow to ease the strain of the commute away.

For the home techie

If home is where your Valentine’s heart is, then there are plenty of gadgets for the home that he will love. Forget candlelight, it’s so Victorian – Philips Hue smart lighting systems will add some romantic lighting to your Valentine’s evening. They use your home internet and connect to the router. The bulbs can then be controlled by digital assistants or an app.

Amazon Echo and Google Home don’t play music with the crispest sound. For the music lover, buy him a Sonos One smart speaker and you will have your romantic mood music sorted for the evening.

Or go back to times when people made romantic mixed cassette tapes for each other – buy him an updated cassette player like the Studebaker Portable Audio Stereo or UO Bluetooth Cassette Boombox, and complete the gift with a playlist of your memorable songs as a couple.

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