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Students Undergo Challenges in Completing Homework Assignments

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There are many factors that can toggle challenges for students in completing their homework assignments. The challenges can range from extra-curricular activities to a decayed home life. However, a vast majority of students are failing to complete their homework, preferring to stay up until 3 AM scrambling to write their papers at the last minute. This is an affect of the various requirements imposed on teachers, via the politics of the public school system. Many of the teachers in the public school system have inherited impractical curriculum requirements which in turn, forces them to teach our children in a rushed and superficial manner. The major consequence of such a curriculum is that our children, many of whom digest and retain information differently, have little time to absorb the information being presented and furthermore, much of the curriculum gets sent home for completion.

Let’s take junior high school students in the public school system for example. A forty to fifty minute class will consist of whatever the jam-packed curriculum is, combined with a teachers preferred method of presentation. Multiply that by seven classrooms, each filled to capacity with thirty-something students (half of which have difficulty with the teaching method being used) and it equals a whirlwind of information, little of which gets retained even by the best students in class. Before they know it, the bell has rung and it’s time to rush off to their next class, and he or she may very well be left in a state of stupor as there was little or no time for their questions to be answered. At the end of each seven hour school day, students are left with a mound of homework which catastrophically, many students will struggle to complete due to the lack of understanding in the assignment.

My children routinely have a minimum of two hours of homework every evening, not to mention the abundance of assignments they are given to complete on the weekends. I can only provide minimal assistance with most of the assignments, and math is nearly impossible considering the techniques that are applied to mathematics, have changed so drastically since I was in school. After researching the results of the Criterion Referenced Test (CRT/testing for third, fifth and eighth grade student across the United States) in Nevada, only 38.1% of eighth grade students are meeting the required standards for math. Students are clearly not benefiting from the substandard teaching methods used in our public education system.

The constant symptoms of confusion combined with the bombastic mounds of homework, leads many of the students to a diagnosis of procrastination, frustration and subsequently, abstention at any attempt of completing the required assignments. A student procrastinates because he/she doesn’t fully understand and more often than not, parents are of little help due to their own lack of understanding. A student is frustrated because he/she tries hard to understand the work but just isn’t “getting” it. Ultimately, a student will relinquish all interest because they don’t understand, haven’t succeeded in being able to understand, and sadly they no longer want to try. The true challenge? Teaching affectively.

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