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Squeezing The Most Out Of Your Streaming Subscriptions

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The internet is a marvelous thing, isn’t it? No longer do we have to wait for a film to be available to rent at the local video store before we can view it. Streaming services have blown the entire industry wide open, and not only has accessibility improved, but there’s a whole range of amazing content subscription fees have allowed to gestate.

But how do you make the most of your streaming subscriptions? Surely there are ways to access even more content, or content you weren’t even sure was available to you? For the film buffs or general geeks among us, the time has never quite been like the present.

Follow this list and you’ll see just how easy being entertained in the modern age is. The only issue you’ll have left is finding the time to view it all.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best delivery packages you can pay a yearly subscription fee for. It allows your to have next-day delivery on a range of applicable items, and some feel that the cost of entry is worth it for that alone. But did you know that Amazon Prime also gives you access to their entire range of free, streamable television shows and movies?

It’s not immediately apparent from the store page because the layout of Amazon prefers exposure directed toward selling products. Look in your ‘Prime Content’ section and you’ll see a whole range of great original television shows and movies available to stream on demand. If you can’t find your show on Netflix of Hulu, there’s a chance it’ll be available on Amazon.

International Films

International films are not as well-loved in the West as they should be and now is your chance to change them. Taking a risk on a DVD in a video store isn’t a problem any longer because you can easily stop viewing if you realize the film isn’t for you. However, there are many amazing films in the ‘international’ tab of services like Netflix and Amazon that have brilliant films which have been interpreted and re-released as a western release.

For example, the popular Scorsese film ‘The Departed’ actually took heavy inspiration from a Chinese film named ‘Infernal Affairs,’ and the dialogue is arguably better-written and more interesting. If you’d like another example, the film ‘The Man From Nowhere’ is arguably similar to the film ‘Taken,’ but has more of an emphasis on experimental camerawork and more intricate action scenes. Take a chance, you’ll never know what you could find.

Viewings Abroad

If you have a US Netflix subscription but are traveling and can’t otherwise access your countries content, using a VPN can help you regain access the shows you already know and love. Educating yourself on the best VPN to use through services like securethoughts will allow you to protect the personal information you transmit and assign your geographical location to countries you wish to access the content from.

One thing to consider when you have all of these safeguards in place is to pay attention to your real life as well. Original television shows, originally crafted movies and the binge-watching nature of these shows quite rightly can keep you absorbed for hours. This is meant in a tongue-in-cheek manner, but anyone who has watched 6 episodes of a show in an evening knows what we mean.

Enjoy the content, but be sure to enjoy it in moderation, because sometimes the best shows reveal their intelligence when you have time to reflect on them!

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