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Should you go to a Star Wars Convention?

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If you are weighing the options of whether or not to go to a Star Wars convention, there are a number of top reasons why you should consider the idea of attending one of these amazing events. Here are some of the top things that many people learned their first Star Wars convention:

The atmosphere is amazing in person

If you’ve ever watched a live stream or read an article summarizing what happened in an event, it does not compare to the emotions tied to one of the conventions. It’s a place where Star Wars fans can all see new trailers and content for the first time, with genuine reactions. There is also plenty of surprises at the conventions too!

The costumes are out of control

If you are deciding whether or not you should cosplay, opt for the option of putting together an outfit. You don’t have to spend thousands to get an authentic stormtrooper uniform but you will be in an environment where people are so supportive of cosplayers. You can compare notes with other cosplayers, pose for great photos and more!

There are exclusive benefits

Going to a Star Wars convention could mean getting your hands on collectibles that are only available there or special deals on advanced screenings to new films or events.

You are going to make so many friends

Whether you are a Star Wars super fan or just someone that has enjoyed watching the original trilogy, there are thousands of new friends that you can make it these conventions. People are so nice and supportive and you all got something in common!

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and your weighing the option to go to a convention, you should strongly consider attending to see what the incredible hype is all about!

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