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Review: Rocketbook

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The rocketbook wave is one of the world’s first smart notebooks. The basic idea of this smart notebook is to deliver a highly affordable and reusable notebook that can upload any of your hand written notes into the digital world. For just $27 you can get access to a reusable notebook that can be placed in the microwave to completely erase any of the pages. The goal of the notebook is to offer the chance to scan any of your written notes with your phone using a simple QR code and upload your favorite cloud hosting service.

Unlike a traditional style notebook, you can complete any of the notes or sketches that you having this book, scan the QR code and then have the files instantly uploaded to google docs and more. There is no need to scan your notebook or worry about getting a clear picture quality. You’ll essentially get the exact same image that is printed in the notebook using the smart pen and the pages.

Although the rocket book looks very similar to a traditional spiral notebook inside there are special features that will keep you writing. A logo on either side will automatically fade in the microwave to determine when the notebook is properly erased. There’s two different sizes for these notebooks including executive and standard. Using a regular ink pen will make all of your writing permanent but using the smart plan will help to ensure that you can consistently reuse the notebook many times over.

The proprietary application makes it very simple to upload your work afterwords and filling out the pages is not a worry especially knowing that the dye in the pages will change color when exposed to heat. The ink from your smart pen simply becomes invisible in the microwave and then you can write over it and scan new notes!

If you’re the type of person that regularly takes notes and needs a reusable solution, check out Rocketbook today.

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