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Pros and Cons of Owning a Macbook

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A Macbook can be a great device to have. It can help with your school work, work life, or any other project you might need a laptop for. However, before purchasing, potential buyers must pay attention to the pros and cons of owning a laptop. We investigate some of these down below!


Lack of Viruses

Macbooks tend to have less viruses that pop up in comparison to Windows laptops. Hackers have a more difficult time coming up with malware for Macbooks, so you won’t have to worry about much malware leaking into your hard drive.

Top Speed

Macbooks tend to work at a more efficient rate than standard Windows laptops. Having a laptop such as this can be extremely helpful in the workplace or for full-time college students. When powering up, it tends to boot up quickly, whereas most Windows laptops take a while to boot up and have long waiting screens depending on how many programs are installed on it.

Great in Size

These efficient Apple laptops are relatively smaller in size and are easy to carry around, whether it be to work, class, or the coffee shop. Macbooks normally weigh anything from as low as 2 pounds and its highest being a little less than 5 pounds.

Easy User Interface

Macbooks have a user-friendly interface. Anyone can pretty much figure out how to use one.


Very Costly

Macbooks are normally the most expensive type of portable computer out there. Prices are normally $500 and up.

Not Ideal For Gamers

Many video game companies make games that are suitable for Windows PC hard drive. Even though there are games written for Macbooks, they tend to work slower and have lower quality. Their graphic cards are also lower in terms of gaming. If you are a hard core gamer, you might want to stay away from Macbooks.

Not Many Options

Apple, just like their cell phones, only makes one type of laptop. With Windows laptops, you have a variety to choose from in case you do not care for the style or interface of one laptop. For example, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Acer all make Windows-based laptops. Apple only has Macbooks.

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