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Music: How to Create a Hit Song

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The writer may not be a musician, but trust us, they do know a bit about writing and creating content. It’s really not that hard.  Just read on to find out how you can create a hit song.

How to Create a Hit Song

  1. Rhythm and Rhyme– For your song to be a hit it needs to have rhythm and rhyme. It doesn’t really have to make sense but it should have a lot of alliteration. The words have to have a certain flow to them that will make someone want to sing along. More or less like writing poem but easier and a lot more fun because this time it’s all coming from you. It’s not your homework.
  2. Inspiration: Hit songs don’t just come just like that, there has to be a bit of inspiration driving you. And this can come from anything really. Your love of best online casino games, the bottle of ketchup sitting in the cupboard, the way you feel.
  3. Catchy Tune: This is definitely a must if you want to create a hit song. Songs become hits just because of the tune. Take for instance the song, “Man’s Not Hot” by Big Shaq. The tune of That song was so catchy as a result the whole world was singing it within minutes.
  4. Be You: Just because Man’s Not Hot was a hit, doesn’t mean that your reply Woman Is Hot will be a hit. Make sure that in all as you create, you still remain you. Don’t try to be someone else. Because the internet will literally bring you down before you even take off. Besides, the world is looking for something new. Share your personal experiences, if you used to place your bet at casinos, sing about it so that people can relate more. Don’t be ashamed. People might want to hear that too.
  5. Relax: Okay we know that you want to be famous and live the good life. But hey just be patient and make sure to relax every now and again. Don’t let the urge to want to be a musician take away your free time. Make sure to catch a breath of fresh air every now and again.

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