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Ever thought of the amount of food we waste on a daily basis? Now think of how much food the entire world might be wasting each day! That’s a lot of food being discarded and doing no good to us. Some of these are left-overs, some stale and some aren’t edible anymore. Feeding the farm pets is one of the options you have, but not everyone owns a farm.

The matter of concern here is also that food waste accounts for about 8% of global warming. So how do you take care of the food waste? How to make sure that you are using even food waste to the optimum? The Hive is a solution. If you are wondering what a Hive is, let us explain to you that it’s an eco-friendly way of utilizing food waste and generating something really useful out of it. How? With the help of mealworms!

This device comes as a layered box that allows you to separate mealworms, beetles and excreta. If you are left with food scraps or any kind of food waste, you can shred them and sprinkle those over the tray with the mealworms on it. These mealworms would eat the crumbs or leftovers and leave behind beneficial excreta that can be used as fertilizers for your plants.

Also, there is no need to worry about mealworms dying and lessening. It’s a normal cycle that even these bugs follow; these mealworms grow into beetles and then make babies again. Just transfer the worms on the bottom tray and the beetles on the top one. The device comes with a HEPA filter and has a controlled microclimate that helps keep the worms healthy and happy. So, your mealworms are going to be safe inside your house too.

Once you order your Hive, you and order your starter kit alongside to have them both delivered on time. The starters kits will cost you $35 and will contain about 150g of mealworms to begin your project with.

The Hive has many sets to choose from, depending on your purpose. The Explorer set comes for $137 and includes automated climate-smart technology, safe heat plate & fan for metamorphosis, clean air filter, an explorer magazine and a personal online support. The Educator set comes with smart-tech insect home, explorer magazine, replaceable air filter, a tasting pack, experiment pack (magnifying glass, Petri dishes, tweezers and spoon), a guided curriculum and a beautiful hive journey poster. Likewise, there are other sets too and also upgrades for the current one you possess.

If you have small pets like a tortoise, fish, hamster, birds or hens, cats or chameleon, you can use these mealworms to feed them, or even use them as livestock. Grow healthy food yourself with this amazing edible insect desktop hive. What more, this little box helps the environment and your pocket, plus it is one of the best healthy alternatives for protein. Keep adding dishes to your desktop hive and enjoy being a part of the healthy living.

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