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How Often Should You Shave Your Facial Hair?

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Everyone loves to look good, especially in a time where aesthetic appeal is of the essence in every walk of life. As a man, it beats logic to be sharply dressed yet feature untamed facial hair. Part of the grooming for every man is to take care of their beard. Depending on your hair type, the rate at which your facial hair grows and your preferences trimming can be a regular activity. Most men are, however, still torn over what is the appropriate duration to wait before your next shave.

While it seems like an obvious answer, some factors considerably influence the frequency of shaving a beard. Here are some of the most important ones to consider:

Beard style you are going for

There are different beard styles you can try, based on your face type. They range from a full beard and a full goatee style to a chin strip and a floating mustache. Depending on the style you want to pull off, you will have different maintenance needs. For a chin strip, for instance, you need a very frequent shave to keep the strip in precision. It is not so much the case for a full natural beard style.

Your skin condition

Some men have very sensitive skin types, which is why they need to be intentional in picking beard trimmers like the Wahl hero. The state of your skin within a specified period can dictate whether you need a shave or not. Sometimes your skin may feel very irritable, and shaving may only worsen the situation. Given that more hair increases the chances of skin irritability, you may consider shaving often if you are one with a sensitive skin type.

Your needs and preferences

Some people just love a clean chin. They cannot entertain any hairs growing on their face, whether a mustache or a stubble. In such cases, you cannot question them for cutting their facial hair as frequently as every day. For other men, they are more laid back and prefer a long mane. For them, using a trimmer is very occasional, and most times, merely for taming the edges for a clean look. Depending on what your preferences are, go all out with your trimmer.

When trimming is involved

Different beard styles demand different maintenance. During your grooming sessions, if you often trim your beard to keep the hair style in the correct precision, then the number of times you require a shave will differ. Ideally, a shave should involve cutting off a huge chunk of facial hair, and not just shaping the edges of the mane to keep it in the perfect shape.

Shaving skills

Not all men have a steady hand to pull off some beard styles. For them, getting a shave translates to visiting a barber. Since there are expenses incurred on these trips to the barber, they may not prefer a regular trim. For other men, they are so versatile and prefer to trim their facial hair from home. For such men, they can get a shave as often as they like.


If you have a function, whether formal or informal, you may want to clean up really good and rock a sharp haircut and beard style. In such a case, then don’t fret from grabbing your trimmer.

The bottom line is, depending on your situation and your preferences, the frequency of shaving can change. It is not cast on stone what number of times you should shave. The most important thing is that you take care of your skin as you do your image.

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