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Going Covert – What You Need To Know

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As tech becomes smaller, more and more tech geeks are enjoying the opportunity to go covert. Most of us have phones and dashboard cameras that can record our day. You could then upload it to YouTube, or any other social media account to share with the world. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that you’re recording video with those devices. When you’re recording covertly, you want the device, and your activities to remain hidden.

Before you get too excited, it’s important to consider what your local laws say. There are several that concern the recording of people and children without their knowledge. In some places, this could be a pretty serious offense. Even recording for your own personal use could have dire consequences. Make sure you’re not deliberately, or accidentally recording footage that could be considered sensitive or inappropriate.

It might be considered a good idea not to share footage of people who haven’t signed some sort of clearance declaration. However, everyone is doing it. That idiot that cut you up at the traffic lights is now on YouTube for anyone and everyone to comment on his disregard for your safety. Of course, most of us post ‘bad’ behavior in the hope that law enforcement will check it out and deal with it. Unfortunately, most footage like this is inadmissible or disregarded in a court of law.

So how should you be using your covert tech? What’s the point in having all those tiny cameras and sound recorders if you’re going to hit legal snags? Well, when a camera is out of sight or discreet, people will act more naturally, because they’re not wary of it. In your own home, you have the right to record footage that may improve your security. And most of us have baby monitors or nanny cams. In meetings, a discreet sound recorder will help the conversation keep moving, and creative inspiration won’t be held back.

When you’re buying covert tech, you want to find the items that are available with discrete shipping, so nobody knows you’ve got it. Spying on people may be a fun thought, and it might even help you catch someone in the act of doing something wholly inappropriate. But don’t be that guy that does all the stalking! Instead, choose tech and gadgets that can be left in situ discreetly. Pick the recordings up at the end of the day.

Should you use covert recordings to find out what your friends really think of you? Are you sure you really want to know? Lots of us have wished we could be a fly on the wall in the boardroom. Of course, knowing something you’re not supposed to know could leave you with a dilemma? How can you be sure you’ll not change your behavior toward the people you spied on now you know what you know? If you respond, they’ll know you found out through spying! It can certainly feel a little bit awkward.

Of course, having knowledge you weren’t offered on a platter can be hugely advantageous too. If you knew that your wife was planning a big surprise party, you could make sure you actually finished work on time for once. And if you could hear the bullies threaten your kid in the school hall, you can raise the alarm with the teachers to deal with it. How you get that information is up to you. But it may raise some questions about your sources that you may not want to answer!

Could knowing everything and not being able to tell anyone lead to loneliness? Probably, but would you rather know than not know? All the time it may take to review your recordings could leave you a little lonely too, unless you’re enjoying them for entertainment value or study. Still, you wouldn’t be the only one to be making covert recordings.

These days, most of us are more than aware that we are being recorded or monitored whenever we’re out of the house. We think a little before we act or speak just in case someone can see or overhear. Would using covert tech make someone believe their conversations or actions were private? It seems unlikely when we have cameras and microphones with us all the time. Who hasn’t videoed something with their phone that they saw by accident anyway?

Would you use covert tech to spy on your friends, family, or colleagues? Most of us find these tiny gadgets a lot of fun, and some of us have a lot of practical use for them. What would you use covert tech for?

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