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Gadgets to Help You Catch More ZZZs

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Our sleep is absolutely essential to our general well-being and overall health, in both physical and mental terms. However, so many people still fail to get sufficient amounts of sound slumber for one reason or another.

But, thanks to today’s array of technology on offer, there’s an abundance of gadgets that are simply waiting for you so that you can troubleshoot and increase your time in the Land of Nod.

So, we’ve taken the liberty of picking out some of our favorite ones that we think will help you the most when it comes to drifting off and catching those all-important Zzzs!

Have you tried a Casper mattress?

You may not have heard of a Casper mattress before, but once you finish reading this and then go to try one, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life!

Created from the finest textiles These mattresses come complete with all the comfort of a memory foam mattress, but don’t trap heat, which can prevent sleep, and also offer a nice amount of ‘springiness’.

A truly inimitable mattress that is sure to give you the good night’s sleep you deserve, it comprises of a top comfort layer of premium latex joined by a support layer of high-density memory foam.

Cancel snoring out of bedtime

QuietLife Technologies, who are the brains behind the development of the Silent Partner Smartpatch, was proud to unveil the world’s first noise-cancelling sleep product upon its release.

This particular device has the ability to sense the snoring sounds you make while you’re snoozing which causes it to emit a counteractive noise that acts to quash the sleep-disturbing snoring in real-time with the help of their patented Sub-Wavelength technology.

So, if you have a significant other, they’re far more likely to have a peaceful night’s kip with this gadget in the bed with you.

Keeping the temperature just right

There are plenty of people out there who simply adore heading off to sleep in the coolest temperatures imaginable, while there are also people on the other side of the coin who like it hot.

Make sure you are at the temperature you want to be at to help you get the best night’s sleep possible with the Smartduvet Breeze. This super cool gadget allows you to have dual-zone climate control. What does this mean? Well, essentially, for couples you can each have the temperature set just right for your slumberous needs.

The Breeze makes use of an inflatable sheet in its design; this sits between your duvet cover and the duvet. Oh, and if you love a made bed before you head off out the door each morning, the Smartduvet has its own bed-making feature, so you don’t have to do it yourself!

Try a sleep app

One of the coolest and most-used sleep apps to help you achieve the best sleep you can if the Beautyrest Sleeptracker.

The app’s monitor unleashes its highly accurate sensors, teamed with the powerful processor, and your very own internal, personalised sleep coach which all combine to monitor and improve your sleep.

What’s more, you can track up to two sleepers at once with pinpoint accuracy while the app translates precise data into easy to understand, actionable advice that’s been designed to help you enjoy more quality sleep each night, to enable brighter, more productive days!

Get a sleep companion

You get a triple whammy with this sleep gadget’ it’s your very own 3-in-1 baby monitor, sleep trainer and nightlight!

Suzy Snooze’s designers worked alongside not just sleep scientists but parents too, in order to offer a device that can assist the whole family in getting a sound night’s rest.

The soothing light and sounds the are emitted work to lull babies and small children to sleep, and parents are able to listen in via the connected mobile app feature.

Another great function is that at a designated time in the morning, Suzy Snooze proceeds to light up and lift her hat; this is to let the little ones know that it’s fine to get up, which is a great aide for creating a reliable morning routine if the kids in the house like to get up a while before you’d like them to. You can also enjoy a little more sleep then too!

Breathe easy, sleep well

Bring the Awair Air Quality Monitor into your life and the air quality in your room, which is absolutely crucial to health, and quality of sleep, is set to be improved.

With the use of an array of sensors, as well as connecting to your smartphone and other household appliances, this sleep gadget continually examines indoor air quality, studies and learns your routines. It can interconnect with either household devices to help create the perfect air quality for your sleep and wellness needs.

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