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CZUR ET16 Plus CZUR Book & Document Scanner with Smart OCR for Mac and Windows

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Are you tired of those huge boxes, you have been using for scanning ever since? These huge scanners don’t just occupy a lot of space but also makes your work pretty hectic. It becomes quite tedious when you have to lift the flap and turn the pages every time you want to scan. Now imagine doing this for a book that has about fifty to a hundred pages! Even the sound of it makes you tired.

Well, here is another revolution we have at our disposal – CZUR Book & Document Scanner. The never-ending process of scanning huge books, sandwiched between the scanner and its flap is now over! CZUR book scanner provides you with a simple yet effective scanning process, that will allow your scanning to happen within seconds. No more scanner flaps or flipping the book or file face-down anymore.

CZUR book scanner’s unique feature allows you to place your document, book or file, under the scanner and let it stay there while you comfortably turn the pages. All you need to do is, turn the page and press a finger button or a foot pedal to take a shot of the document; it is that simple.

You might think that the phone applications available in the market are convenient and comes for free, so why buy this product? Here is what you need to know; the applications that you download from the app store, might allow you a perfect workable scan; however, the quality of the document under different kinds of lightings will vary. With CZUR scanner, you can always make sure that your documents are well lit and clear.

The LED lights under the scanner are powerful and effective enough to give you an amazing quality even under dark lit room conditions. Also, it comes with an extra light that goes right behind the scanner’s column and adds more to the lighting. If you need to scan images and want them as per your liking, the software allows you to modify the effects as well.

You won’t have to hold your phone to scan your document, book or files and struggle with keeping the pages in place. With the robust 32-bit MIPS CPU, the scanner easily detects two pages of an unbound book and scans them in just 1.5s. Any amount of pages you want to scan are ready to use in your laptop or phone.

CZUR book scanner is powered by ABBYY technology, which helps in recognizing 187 languages. You can easily convert your scanned pages to editable Word, PDF, TIFF format with the help of just a click. Also, there is no need to worry about the size of a page because even a page as large as A3 is effortlessly handled by this amazing little equipment.

Make your work easy by scanning files, exam papers, books, magazines or even novels without any inconvenience. If you are someone who frequently needs to scan documents, files or books, CZUR book scanner is a must-have for you.

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