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Can You Afford to Be A Geek?

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The average consumer spends $166 a month paying for all their tech, but a gadget geek is bound to surpass this. Becoming obsessed with something that is changing so rapidly means always needing the newest version of smartphones, consoles and even motorized personal transport. Geeks were using Google Glass and VR headsets before any such technology was available to the general public. Whatever your hobby, whether its Cosplay or quantum mechanics, can you afford to fund your geek lifestyle?

Cutting Back on the Boring Stuff

The great thing about being a geek is being genuinely passionate about one realm of the world. Some people are obsessed by philosophy and literature, others by comic books and board games. Whatever your passion is, it’s likely one of the most important aspects of your life.

So if you’re not interested in drinking alcohol and eating out, then don’t do these things. Others may pressure you to sign up to gym or pay entry every Friday night to a club. If these things don’t interest you, then don’t be afraid to say no and spend money on something that you find truly exciting.

Debt Management

Some hobbies, such as classic car collecting, can be extremely costly. As a result, you may have found your geek obsession landing you in debt. If this is the case, then you need to take steps to manage debt effectively. Become geeky about long-term effects of your payment method by switching to something that offers a lower interest rate. Study your finances closely and ensure you are always able to make the repayments on any debt accrued. This will allow you to be a geek without financial anxiety.

Make Money From Your Hobby

If you have a real gift for something, then consider whether you can charge for it. You might not make enough to cover costs, but making any money back will mean that your lifestyle is more affordable. Rather than just attending cosplay conventions, why not host your own? If you’re an expert in this field, then people will surely buy tickets to attend. You’ll make back some money, while still doing the thing you love the most.

Being a geek is a wonderful thing, but it can end up costing a lot. If you are serious about living the geek lifestyle, then try and cut back on other unnecessary expenses and learn to properly manage debt. Once you really get into your hobby, you may even be able to make a little money back. With careful thought, pursuing your passions will always be worth it.

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